The best way to go about getting yourself new chicken gear is to build it yourself since prices are so overwhelmingly inflated and there is plenty of scrap material that can be used. In fact chicken coop nesting boxes are pretty easy to build once you have a handle on the process. Creating a design for the boxes is the first step in the process of project. Any kind of design is acceptable for the most part, including shapes and sizes of circles, squares or even triangles!

If you aren’t sure what kind of chicken coop nesting box you’d like to build then consider finding ideas to work from either online, at local stores or in your neighbors’ yards. Since chicken coop nesting boxes are pretty straight forward it should be quite easy to check out different styles and interpret them into your own style and design. You can even purchase an entire design made for you online if you prefer to skip this step altogether, just be sure the design meets your needs. If you do it this way, chances are you’ll keep the stress factors low when putting everything together.

Of course, if you are so inclined you can even find complete sets that come with designs, materials and step by step building instructions. It really all boils down to the fact that with so many choices out there, the imagination is simply the limit. Saving money isn’t all that hard to do since there are so many wallet friendly ideas, plans and kits to choose from on the market. Of course if money is no object then you’ve got the most options and you can probably bypass building the nesting boxes altogether.

But on the other hand, even those who could purchase more than enough boxes might find this a perfect project to do as a family. If it’s something you really enjoy and even get good at, you might consider building the nesting boxes and selling them for a nice profit to neighbors, at garage sales and online just to name a few good places to start. Last but certainly not least you can’t forget the tools which simply include a hammer and nails! Pretty easy tools to remember, huh?