Raising chickens is an excellent project for children from elementary school age to high school. It will teach them about responsibility while allowing them to have some fun and experience the rewards of chicken raising. If your child joins a 4-H poultry club, that will be an additional opportunity for him or her to meet new friends while working on this new hobby.

You don’t have to have your child raise chickens for meat. That can actually be traumatic for some children, as no one likes to see the slaughter of birds they have raised from chick-hood. Raising chickens for eggs is a far better idea. Or, you could possibly teach your child to raise chickens to do tricks and enter them in those types of competitions.

Your child will need to learn how to build a coop…something that is easily learned online or in books. The size of the coop needs to be appropriate to the number of chickens that will be in it. It also needs to offer protection from predators (like owls and coyotes). and should be well ventilated and easy to clean. A dry environment is also essential for chickens.

If your child will be raising chickens during cold weather, you’ll need to purchase sun lamps to keep in the coop for a few hours each day to encourage extra egg production. You will also need to visit the local agricultural feed store frequently to buy chicken feed, since your feathered friends need to eat. Make sure your child also keeps fresh water out for the birds and changes it daily.

Joining a 4-H poultry club can be beneficial for a child who wants to raise chickens, because he or she will meet other children with the same interest, and they will be able to brainstorm things together, such has how to train their chickens to do better tricks or how to coax greater egg production out of their birds. If yo are planning on letting your kids raise chickens, allowing them to join the local 4-H poultry club is the best thing you can do to encourage this new hobby.